Eliminating unnecessary intensive care unit admissions with Stasis

Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore

Ramaiah Medical College implemented a Stasis high dependency unit.

Continuous monitoring allowed for reduction of medical expenses with improved clinical outcomes.

Nurses managed vulnerable patients outside of the ICU.

Clinicians confidently checked up on borderline patients using the Stasis App.

"[Stasis gave the clinicians] what they want. The ability to access the vitals remotely"

- Dr. Anil Kumar, HOD of Ramaiah

"I can now monitor all the patients from my nursing station and immediately inform the doctor if necessary. Stasis Tablet helps save time."

- Sister Deepika

"Continuous monitoring with Stasis increased patient safety and reduced code blue rates in the wards."

- Conclusion from a 5-month
retrospective study at
Ramaiah Medical College
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