Frequently Asked Questions

For Clinicians

Why is Stasis better than normal monitoring systems?

A normal vitals monitor simply monitors at the bedside or central station. Stasis allows you to monitor and manage your patients effortlessly from anywhere. Stasis automates and digitizes monitoring, documentation, and communication of critical patient information.

Where can Stasis Monitors be implemented in a hospital?

Our existing clientele are using Stasis Monitors in Emergency ICU’s, Surgical ICU’s, High Dependency Units, Step Down Units, and Private Patient Rooms. Our systems can be implemented in wards where continuous patient monitoring is required.

How accurate is your monitor?

The Stasis Monitor has been rigorously tested for accuracy at a 3rd party test laboratory to demonstrate compliance with the international standards adopted by the FDA. Every Stasis Monitor is manufactured and tested at an FDA-registered manufacturing facility to ensure quality and reliability. Our system has been aggressively tested by top hospital chains across the country and is trusted by doctors pan-India.

For Hospital Admins

What customer service will be provided by Stasis?

Stasis has local customer support teams in all major metropolitan areas to support you. You can easily connect with the customer support team through the Stasis Mobile App. Alternatively, you can contact your assigned Key Account Manager directly over phone for any issues or email us at:

Do I need to ensure the monitor is calibrated?

Stasis Monitors are calibrated upon shipment to the hospital and re-calibrated annually. The Monitor conducts a self-test every time it is turned on. If the Stasis icon turns red after the Monitor is turned on, stop using the monitor immediately and contact the Stasis customer support team for a replacement.

Can I use my own probes?

To ensure accurate vital sign measurements, patient safety, and reliable usage, you must only use the probes that are provided by Stasis with the Stasis Monitor. Our probes are high quality and cost-effective, and can be supplied by your key account manager.

Will Stasis provide me with calibration certificate required for NABH inspection?

Yes, Stasis provides a calibration certificate for NABH requirements.

Where is Stasis manufactured?

The Stasis Monitor is manufactured at an FDA-registered facility in Rajasthan, India. Our hardware is “Made in India, For the World”.


For Patients

Why does my loved one need Stasis? 

Stasis allows patients to be monitored outside of the ICU with the same high quality of ICU monitoring. With continuous monitoring your loved one can enjoy the privacy of their own ward, a reduced cost of treatment, and may even be discharged sooner.

Is Stasis the same as other monitors?

Stasis is simple to understand but is using the same clinically proven technology to monitor your loved one. Stasis is Made in India and used on patients in leading hospitals across India.

When do I know to call a nurse? 

Ensure the probes are connected to your loved ones at all times to make sure your doctor gets the complete picture of your loved one's health. The monitor measures six important vital signs and presents their status as colored icons. If the icons are all green, everything is fine! If you see a yellow icon, call a nurse to check on your loved one.

Experience Stasis in your Facility

Pan-India Team

The Stasis Support team is available pan-India to ensure your facility can experience Stasis.

Rapid Onboarding

Stasis can be deployed and ready for remote smart monitoring in less than one hour.

Feedback Report

Receive a personalized report with feedback of your clinicians and a return-on-investment analysis.