Remote Patient Monitoring: Everything You Need to Know

Remote patient monitoring is a promising field. It has the potential to improve clinical outcomes and reduce chronic care costs. However, hospitals in Indian struggle with the technology with an overwhelming load of information and at times at the reliability … Read More

Two ways vitals trends help doctors manage patients better

A patient laughs. BEEP. A patient shakes the probe. BEEP BEEP. A patient readjusts in their bed. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Traditional vitals monitors were designed assuming a medical professional is always at the patient’s bedside. They take the “better safe than sorry” approach and BEEP anytime a … Read More

Two ways Entrepreneurial Doctors can beat corporate hospitals

The burden of healthcare delivery in India cannot be borne solely by large hospital chains which constitute a small percentage of beds. When the majority of patients across the country are treated by small hospitals, the success of entrepreneurial doctors … Read More

Rescuing preventable deaths with continuous patient monitoring

Adverse drug reactions, or ADRs, are unintended and undesirable reactions to medicines. ADRs are a common cause of hospitalizations leading to serious health complications and even death. In fact, ADRs are the fourth leading cause of death in the developed world. … Read More

Continuous patient monitoring — the difference between life and death

Rajagopal Parthasarthy was a chronic sufferer of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He was admitted to a reputed hospital in the city with complaints of breathing difficulty. As per hospital protocol, he was admitted directly into the ICU, where he … Read More