Introducing the Stasis Monitoring System

Stasis is a cloud-connected patient monitoring system that measures six core vital signs and provides actionable insights to clinicians anytime, anywhere.

Live waveforms, in your pocket
See recorded vital signs and live waveforms right from your smartphone.
Remote notifications, on your schedule
Prevent deterioration and eliminate code blues through early detection of symptoms.
Customer service, at your fingertips
Great products need great support. We are here to help 24/7.

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Stasis Builds
Smart Hospitals

The right data, to the right stakeholder, at just the right time. Smart Hospitals deliver proactive healthcare to reduce cost of treatment while optimizing operating margins.

How Specialists use Stasis

Stasis helps departments of all sizes become more connected, efficient, and safe. Many of today's forward-thinking hospitals – Fortis, ColumbiaAsia, CloudNine, Ramaiah – use Stasis to increase the safety of their patients across key specialities.

Continuous innovation

Our mission is to accelerate healthcare towards proactive patient care. Our investments into intuitive design, plug-and-play simplicity, and machine learning drive our innovation.

Quality is Everything

The entire system has been tested for safety, accuracy, and reliability under real-world conditions by an independent 3rd party laboratory. The system is designed to comply to U.S. FDA standards.

We Build Partnerships

Stasis was designed in collaboration with nurses, doctors, and hospital administration from the United States and India to meet global healthcare requirements.

Experience Stasis in your Facility

Pan-India Team

The Stasis Support team is available pan-India to ensure your facility can experience Stasis.

Rapid Onboarding

Stasis can be deployed and ready for remote smart monitoring in less than one hour.

Feedback Report

Receive a personalized report with feedback of your clinicians and a return-on-investment analysis.